G Code 28g (Indica)


G-Code. G-Code is a relatively new strain that is most popular for its almost fluorescent violet buds with a moderate amount of orange hairs. It is a fairly strong indica-dominant hybrid strain that possesses a dreamy, euphoric and uplifting effect while remaining very relaxing.

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G Code

It is a fairly strong Indica dominant hybrid strain that is a combination of Sativa Grizzly Purple and Indica G13. Any cannabis aficionado can easily be impressed by the vibrant colours of its buds. G code strain has all the colours which are considered for a perfect bud with forest green, deep purples and bright orange. 



This strain is not suited for clandestine users. You will even get a slight skunky whiff when packed in a sealed bag. The smell of G Code strain is slightly sweet with some savoury cheesiness. You will find it a pretty unique smelling marijuana strain when adding it in a wild berry scent. 


Majority of the users enjoy the sweet pine flavour of G Code strain which helps them to stay away from most of the other strains in their lifetime. You will also feel woody and massy flavour mingled in it. You have yourself a strain worth savouring when you add in a hit of creaminess. 


The appearance of G Code strain

You will notice a thick coat of trichomes when you gather a good sample of G Code strain. You will see the layers of trichomes located at the lower side of calyxes. It is a strain that helps you get very High effects. 


Effects of G Code strain

You will feel a high head effect that begins right behind the face and you will discover why G Code strain is considered as a super strain. It has the ability to relieve you from any kind of stress what you are currently feeling and makes you feel relax.  

Users also reported that this strain immediately puts them in a better mood. This strain is exceedingly potent that makes you feel energized and makes you more relaxed. The balanced high could lead you to euphoria but it does not induce you couch lock. 


Medical Benefits of G Code Strain

It is a popular strain and is considered as the perfect strain to treat chronic stress. You can use this strain if you are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety or any other mood disorder as it helps you to elevate mood. G Code strain is ideal for you if you have any issue such as joint pains, headache, muscle spasms etc. The potency of G Code strain ensures an analgesic effect. 


Possible side effects of G Code strain

The potency of this strain is very high that can cause main issues. Consuming too much can cause a spike in any paranoid or anxious feelings you already have if you are a novice user. Once the high has worn off, this strain has been known to cause mild headaches. Drinking water before, during and after using this strain can reduce the risk of dehydration. G Code strains offer relatively high effects despite the fact that it has Indica leaning tendencies. It can be used in the afternoon safely. 

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G Code 28g (Indica)



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