To proceed, send an e-Transfer for this amount below:

Send the e-transfer with this reference ID in the e-Transfer message, so your order can be identified:

Email Money Transfer address:


Also, please write the contact name:

  • Mike

Before sending, please make sure that the language is English

*Payment emails will change and are assigned by order. Be careful to send it to the email address displayed above. Naming the contact correctly is important to payment not being flagged. If anything goes wrong in this process, the result would be a permanent ban.

Confirmation time for payments is 30 mins, only if the payment was within office hours (10am-4pm PT). The orders that are registered before 1 pm (PT) will ship on the same day.


Some banks may require a security question when sending e-Transfer; If required, you can use this:

Security Question:First day of the week?
Security Answer:Monday
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